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We’re here to advance the FemTech industry and bring your products to market. We believe in your potential and the impact you can make for women worldwide. Let’s work together to make it happen.

Theresa Neil


UX expert and FemTech advocate driving for positive change

Product Innovation for

Digital Health
Medical Devices
Digital Therapeutics

Experts Changing the Face of Digital Health

We’re a women-owned, women-led company driving healthcare technology innovation since 2013. We have provided digital product strategy and design innovation for more than 40 live products, used by 660M patients, consumers, providers and payers worldwide. Our experience designing medical software, healthcare SaaS, SaMD, digital therapeutics and regulated medical devices means we can quickly dive into your specific product design challenges.

Theresa Neil

Product Innovation for

  • Digital Health
  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Therapeutics

Jessica Gentry

Information Architecture for

  • Healthcare Provider Platforms
  • Workflow and Systems Integration
  • Population Health Platforms

Karin Dahlstrom

FDA Human Factors Testing for

  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Dosage Tools
  • Patient & Caregiver Apps

Jeanine Harriman

Product Innovation for

  • ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
  • Data Science, AI/ML
  • Predictive Analytics and Population Health

Amy McGovern

Design Operations for

  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • Portfolio companies

Rebecca Loar

Research & Innovation for

  • Connected Health Platforms
  • Reproductive Health & Education
  • Go To Market Strategy

Nikki Clark

UX Research & Strategy for

  • Payors and Providers Tools
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Predictive Analytics & Population Health

Jessica Higgins

Service Design for

  • Health Providers
  • Benefits Solutions
  • Enterprise Platforms


Deep Expertise with

  • IoT Enabled Wearables
  • Connected Environments
  • Service Design

Claire Zimowski

Design & Prototyping for

  • Clinical Diagnostic Tools
  • Population Health Insights
  • Pharmacotherapy Apps

Ivan Bachev

Extensive Experience with

  • Design Systems
  • Multi-Channel/ Multi-Platform Design
  • Development Collaboration

Khati Paul

Digital Design for

  • Patient Onboarding
  • Smart Pens/BT Enabled Devices
  • Monitoring Adoption & Usage

Jes Albro

Design Innovation for

  • Platform as a Service
  • Workflow and System Integration
  • Cross Channel Platforms

Erik Hunter

Design & Branding for

  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • SaaS

Angela Strohbeck

Research & Validation for

  • Patient Tools
  • Consumer Products
  • Provider Software

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FemTech Areas of Expertise

Product Types

SaMD, Software as a Medical Device

Regulated Medical Devices

Companion Apps

Consumer Digital Health

Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare SaaS

Enterprise Healthcare

Pharmacy Software

Population Health Software

Medical Device Wearables

Radiology & Imaging SaaS

Clinical Decision Support

FemTech Verticals

Breast Health


Chronic Conditions


Hormone Health

Maternal Health

Menstruation & Menopause

Mental Health

Pelvic Health

Reproductive Health

Sexual Health

Urinary Health

Uterine Health

Vaginal Health

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