I’m Theresa,
a UX Expert and Femtech/Digital Health Advocate

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My Experience Spans

Digital Health

Envisioning, designing, iterating with teams to create innovative products for people seeking health & wellness and their healthcare providers

Medical Devices

Working with hardware and software teams to create clear and compelling companion apps for wearables or IoT devices

Digital Therapeutics

Leveraging our proprietary UX framework and research strategy to transform people’s behaviors and health outcomes

Top Designer in Tech

Top Selling O’Reilly author

RedDot Design Award

MedTech Innovation Award

About Me

My obsession with digital health started in pharma but was fueled by my experience at WellDoc, where we motivate individuals to improve their own health with transformative UX. Recognizing the perfect blend of my design skills, innovation mindset, and genuine desire to make a positive impact, I found my calling.

Theresa Neil Founder of Guidea

Signature Talks

Designing for Digital Health

Creating user-centric solutions for patients and providers using proven design patterns

Digital Care & Coaching

Designing and optimizing digital products including SaMD, DTx, and companion apps with our proprietary UX framework

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MedTech-focused Bio

Femtech-focused Bio