How Villie is Transforming Women’s Health

Bringing a village together to support new families

Preparing for a child with the collective support and involvement of a community

Parents-to-be often experience a range of challenges. They may feel uncomfortable requesting monetary assistance for essential items like diapers, which are costly but crucial for baby care. Additionally, societal pressures to accumulate numerous products, many of which may not be necessary, can lead to environmental waste, clutter, and unnecessary expenses. 

Despite everyone’s best intentions, parents may receive gifts that do not align with their needs or preferences, rather than the support they truly require. Furthermore, the traditional concept of a supportive "village" may be lacking in modern society, leaving parents feeling isolated and overwhelmed once the baby arrives, with limited assistance and resources to navigate the demands of parenthood effectively.

Villie’s Solution

Villie is a digital platform where expecting parents share and where their loved ones give. With Villie, parents receive over 50% more financial support and gifts, plus the emotional support and connections that help new families thrive. The connections that Villie builds are deep, acquiring parents in the first trimester and strategically engaging the family with fun and simple prompts that encourage support. 

Villie is on a mission to support expecting and new parents. Their platform helps families share milestones, ask for items they actually need, and build community.

Kimberly Jolasun, the driving force behind, shares her vision: “We believe that no parent should have to navigate parenthood alone, and our mission at is to empower every family to get support from their village with ease.” draws inspiration from Kimberly Jolasun’s personal experiences and West African traditions, where community support is a cornerstone of the parenting experience.

How Femovate Helps

Villie was awarded sponsorship through Guidea’s Femovate program for ‘23-’24.

As part of the Femovate sponsorship, designers at Guidea will work closely with the Villie team to optimize and refine the web application and instrument analytics to assess and improve the customer experience. 

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