How Seesaw Health is Transforming Women’s Health

Digital biomarker solution designed to check and fight chronic, systemic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation and chronic pain are related

For women, the hormonal shifts experienced through the stages of life, from the first menstrual cycle to perimenopause, can significantly elevate the inflammatory response. Our stressful modern lifestyle, coupled with chronic conditions, further triggers and worsens inflammation, creating a cascade of adverse effects on both mental and physical health. 

Seesaw Health’s Solution

Seesaw Health introduces a groundbreaking approach to managing inflammation with its digital inflammatory biomarker platform, the first of its kind. Utilizing advanced IoT technology, Seesaw Health offers a bloodless, non-invasive assessment of inflammation levels and a tool to stimulate inflammatory reflex. Backed by over a decade of scientific research, their solution leverages smart breathwork, AI, and advanced data analytics to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s inflammatory status and stimulates the nervous system to regulate the body's inflammatory response.

Seesaw Health's solution focuses on empowering women with physiological data on their inflammatory response and a robust, yet easy, way to adapt to constant triggers. The platform supports proactive self-care, bringing transparent health data into mainstream use. 

Through its innovative solution, Seesaw Health is poised to revolutionize women’s inflammation management. It offers a future where personalized, accurate, and timely assessments of inflammation and the stimulation of neuroimmune mechanisms that control inflammation significantly improve women's health outcomes and enhance their quality of life. 

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