How riskLD is Transforming Women’s Health

EMR integrated mother and baby monitoring for labor & delivery

Both maternal mortality and infant mortality are much higher in the United States compared to other developed countries. 

Medical errors on Labor & Delivery Units are often driven by multiple factors, including a lack of situational awareness among healthcare providers and a failure to manage patients in accordance with evidence-based best practices. 

Situational awareness refers to the ability of healthcare professionals to accurately perceive and comprehend the clinical environment, anticipate potential risks, and make timely and appropriate decisions to ensure patient safety. In the high-stress and fast-paced environment of labor and delivery rooms, maintaining situational awareness is crucial for identifying and responding to obstetric emergencies promptly. However, distractions, interruptions, and communication breakdowns can compromise healthcare providers' ability to maintain situational awareness, leading to errors in patient care. 

Additionally, failure to adhere to evidence-based best practices, such as protocols for fetal monitoring, labor management, and obstetric interventions, can contribute to adverse outcomes for mothers and infants. These errors may result in preventable complications, including maternal morbidity and mortality, neonatal injuries, and long-term health consequences for both mother and baby.

riskLD’s Solution

riskLD is a health tech startup developing situational awareness and clinical decision guidance to deliver better outcomes for laboring mothers and to mitigate risk and liability.

Through its proprietary interface, riskLD enhances situational awareness among healthcare providers, enabling them to better perceive and understand the clinical environment, anticipate potential risks, and make informed decisions promptly. The system provides real-time alerts to notify clinicians of critical events, allowing for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes. Moreover, riskLD facilitates the efficient allocation of resources by unit leadership, optimizing staffing and equipment utilization to meet patient needs effectively. Additionally, the platform enables remote monitoring of labor floors at outlying or community hospitals, extending access to expert oversight and support to ensure consistent and high-quality care for mothers and infants across diverse healthcare settings.

How Femovate Helps

riskLD was awarded sponsorship through Guidea’s Femovate program for ‘23-’24.

As part of the Femovate sponsorship, designers at Guidea are working closely with the team to optimize and refine the design of the riskLD platform including monitoring and reporting features.

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