How Nesa is Transforming Women’s Health

Scarless Uterine Fibroid Treatment

Uterine Fibroids Affect 1 in 4 Women of Reproductive Age

Uterine fibroids are quite common with about 80% of women having at least one of these non-cancerous tumors before the age of 50, and about a quarter of women having uncomfortable or painful symptoms as a result. Uterine fibroids can cause heavy bleeding, severe pain, and infertility. 

Treatment is often delayed up to 3.5 years and is invasive, often causing scarring which can be problematic down the line for women hoping to have children. Sometimes, they are treated with hormonal birth control, which invites a slew of unwanted side effects.

The Nesa Medtech Solution

Nesa Medtech is a leading deep tech medtech startup that specializes in developing patented, scar-less image guided surgical solutions in the field of women’s health using advanced technology. The management team at Nesa has decades of experience working with large MedTech MNCs. Additionally, Nesa has received clearance from the US FDA and is backed by renowned investors. ​Nesa’s flagship product GYIDE is a novel minimally invasive, safe, effective and uterus-preserving technology to treat uterine fibroids.

How Femovate Helps

Nesa Medtech was awarded sponsorship through Guidea’s Femovate program for ‘22, and ‘23-’24.

As part of the Femovate sponsorship, designers at Guidea worked closely with the Nesa Medtech team to optimize the digital interface of the product.

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