How Incora is Transforming Women’s Health

A revolutionary wearable to track women’s health & cycles

Tracking menstrual cycles and overall health can be challenging 

While there are many apps and tools designed to help with tracking menstrual cycles, they do not perfectly fit every individual's needs. They often rely on user input to predict future cycles, which can be cumbersome for the user and less accurate if cycles are irregular. Every woman's cycle is different, and cycles can vary in length not just from person to person but also from month to month for the same person. This unpredictability makes it challenging to track and predict periods accurately.

Additionally, many women are unaware of connections between their cycle and their overall health; each phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle brings unique changes to her body, including fluctuations in hormones, energy levels, and mood. Understanding this connection can enable women to optimize their schedules and activities, but many apps and trackers lack this information.

Incora’s Solution

Incora Health introduces a groundbreaking solution to tracking women’s health data: smart earrings designed to empower women in achieving their fertility and wellness goals. Incora smart earrings provide actionable insights, enabling users to better understand and navigate the complexities of their menstrual cycles for enhanced health management. 

Incora leverages advanced machine learning models to calculate and predict menstrual phases, allowing users to align their activities with their cycle, manage symptoms effectively, and enhance their overall health. Incora's smart earrings are designed not just for those trying to conceive but also for individuals interested in natural family planning methods or gaining deeper insights into their body's natural rhythms.

Incora Health's smart earrings represent a significant advancement in wearable technology, tailored specifically to meet the unique health and wellness needs of women. By focusing on personalized, actionable health insights, Incora is set to redefine how women approach fertility and wellness, offering a seamless blend of technology, style, and empowerment.

How Femovate Helps

Incora was awarded sponsorship through Guidea’s Femovate program for ‘23-’24.

As part of the Femovate sponsorship, designers at Guidea will work closely with the Incora team  to create the initial companion app for the smart earrings.

We explored the behaviors, needs, and expectations of Incora’s target demographic through qualitative research. A crucial part of this project was to validate an initial set of features against the Kano model, categorizing them into table stakes, performance, and delighters to ensure they meet and exceed user expectations. 

"Five stars simply is not enough! From the beginning, it was evident that the Guidea team had a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within healthcare and the FemTech space. Their commitment to a user-focused approach and attention to detail is truly commendable."

- Lindsey Calcutt, CEO, Incora Health

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