How Emgenisys is Transforming Women’s Health

Comprehensive, non-invasive embryo health evaluation

Evaluating embryo health is often a guessing game

On average, in the United States, a single round of IVF can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000, excluding hormonal medication expenses, which can add several thousand dollars more. On average, patients undergo 2.7 rounds of IVF and spend about $60,000 to achieve a pregnancy that survives to term. 

Unfortunately, a major contributor to the low success rate of IVF is an inability to discern and choose healthy, viable embryos at the time of transfer. The current process relies on visual appearance and relies on the subjective experience of the embryologist. If the embryo selected for transfer is not viable, the patient has no chance of the IVF cycle resulting in a pregnancy and must try again. 

According to research conducted by EmGenisys, there have not been any transformative technologies to predict embryo viability in nearly four decades until now.

EmGenisys’s Solution

EmGenisys has developed a solution using machine learning models to evaluate 30-second videos of embryos to provide objective and non-invasive assessment of in-vitro embryo health. 

The unique capabilities developed by EmGenysis include analysis of an embryo’s morphokinetic activity, which is not perceptible to the human eye. The motion detected on video reveals characteristics which directly correlate to the embryo’s health, stress and metabolic function. 

By identifying the most viable embryos for transfer, clinics will be able to reduce the number of IVF cycles needed, lower costs, and improve the overall success rate of IVF for patients–allowing them to start their families sooner.

How Femovate Helps

EmGenisys was awarded sponsorship through Guidea’s Femovate program for ‘22.

As part of the Femovate sponsorship, the digital health experts at Guidea worked with Cara Wessels Wells and her talented team to revise and refine the design of the app for embryologists. Guidea delivered low fidelity and high fidelity designs and prototypes for the mobile application which is used in conjunction with the microscope to collect 30 second videos of the embryos for an AI powered assessment of viability.

"We had the opportunity to work with Theresa and the Guidea team when we won a sponsorship through the FEMOVATE 22 Program. The team was amazing to work with. With their help, we created a stylish and user friendly design for our app to evaluate embryo health. This was no small feat- there were lots of nuances and complexities which needed to be addressed. Throughout the process, the team was thoughtful, insightful and really took our users needs into consideration. They accelerated our company's launch and trajectory significantly! Their enthusiasm for FemTech and entrepreneurship is palpable and my team and I look forward to collaborating on future projects with Guidea together!”

– Cara Wessels Wells, Ph.D., Founder EmGenisys

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