How Embie is Transforming Women’s Health

Real-time actionable insights for the IVF journey for patients and clinics

48 Million Couples are Affected by Infertility

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 48 million couples, or 1 person in every 6, are affected by infertility. Infertility can negatively impact personal and professional relationships as well as physical, mental, and financial health. 

The demand for fertility services including egg preservation, screening, diagnostics, OI, IUI, and IVF is skyrocketing, with Grand View Research projecting that IVF alone will be a $37.4 billion industry by 2030.

When it comes to supporting couples trying to conceive, plenty of digital solutions are available for those at the start of their journey, who are primarily trying to understand and optimize the female reproductive cycle (Natural Cycles, Flo, Clue, etc.). But, as Embie founder Ravid Israel noticed, there was a distinct lack of digital tools designed to support couples dealing with infertility, particularly those going through fertility treatments. Israel knew from personal experience that managing fertility treatments is a much more complex experience, and requires a more thorough type of support.

Embie’s Solution

Couples are making major financial and lifestyle choices based on access to high-quality fertility benefits. Hopeful parents have demonstrated they are willing to invest when it comes to maximizing their chances of conceiving. Embie provides the missing element of support for couples using IVF. Embie harnesses the powers of artificial intelligence to give couples insight into the factors that affect their fertility and suggests protocols to maximize their chances of conceiving. 

The Embie app includes features that allow users to track IVF treatments and results, design a user-specific protocol, and connect with a community of others experiencing infertility. 

Embie aims to support people throughout the entirety of their fertility journey, from trying to conceive, through diagnosis, treatment, and to pregnancy. Through AI-powered insights, Embie can help to diagnose conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS at a 90% accuracy rate. Patients typically wait an average of 10 years to receive an endometriosis diagnosis, and an average of 2 years to receive a PCOS diagnosis. Helping users to identify these two leading causes of infertility can help them, along with their providers, to determine the correct treatment much more rapidly than was previously possible. 

Embie Clinic is the newest product offering, empowering clinics and their patients with real-time, data driven insights into every point of care. This is the most comprehensive system we’ve seen for clinics including 

  • Patient Onboarding: Increase patient access by enabling self-onboarding and medical history intake.
  • Communication Tools: Communicate with patients and your internal team from the same dashboard.
  • Scheduling: Get in Sync with clinic, staff and patient calendars.
  • Treatment Plans: Fully Automated and coordinated Fertility Treatment Plans.
  • Medication Adherence: Reduce canceled cycles by providing Patients with Adherence tools.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitoring coach provides education and guidance to patients in real-time.
  • Informed Consent: Next-Gen mobile friendly consent forms, provided at the right time, to the right patient.
  • Telehealth: Meet patients virtually through our GDPR and HIPAA Compliant Video and Voice Calls

Embie Clinic is now live and Embie’s overall impact in the fertility space is continuing to expand rapidly.

Embie’s Impact

Couples who use Embie have a higher degree of adherence to their treatment plans, personalized care protocol, and community support, all of which contribute to better chances of pregnancy retention. A recent study involving 5,607 Embie users, conducted by Embie Clinic, reported that the app promoted significantly improved outcomes across all age groups. Embie is currently used by over 48k women in 120 countries. 

Embie’s Feedback on Femovate

"Theresa and her team have such vast knowledge and understanding for UX and design. They really cater to your stage of growth and needs (which are ever-changing as a startup). They've been a pleasure to work with."

-Ravid Israel

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