How Eli Health is Transforming Women’s Health

Continuous hormone monitoring, at home

80% of Women Will Experience Hormonal Disorders in Their Lives

It is estimated that 80% of women will have some form of hormonal imbalance in their lives. Women’s hormonal health is famously ignored within medical settings, except for when a woman starts trying to get pregnant. This is a major oversight, as hormones are responsible for much more than reproductive health. Heart health, digestion, mental health, and even oral health can be traced back to how various hormones are in or out of balance in the body. 

Women lack the ability to evaluate their hormone health in a reliable, consistent fashion. Aside from urine tests for women trying to gauge their fertility, there are not many options available for women to get a picture of what is going on with their thyroid, reproductive hormones, or stress hormones. If a person has questions about their hormonal health, the typical route is to get a blood test at the doctor’s office. These tests take several weeks to return, and in the long-term, are difficult to repeat frequently enough to get a clear picture of what is really going on and how their hormones are responding to lifestyle changes.

Eli Health’s Solution

Eli Health offers a saliva-based hormone test that can be administered at home. Using a sample collector, a small device, and the Eli app, women have access to their hormone measurements within minutes. Their tests are designed to serve as a tool to help women manage current symptoms and conditions, and also to help prevent future conditions. By having frequent, ongoing access to hormone data, women can learn how to adjust their lifestyle, diet, and medications to reach their health goals.

Eli Health’s Impact

Being able to monitor hormone health from home, not only cuts down on time and barriers to understanding health but gives patients the information and motivation needed to seek treatment and act preventatively when it comes to their long-term health. Eli Health aims to help women who have previously felt as though their hormones were an unsolvable mystery. 

Eli Health was named Montreal Startup of the Year at the Community Startup Awards in 2021, and since then has had a great deal of success in raising funds, most recently securing $3.6 million in a funding phase led by Muse Capital.

"Eli has worked with Guidea now for several months on the user experience of our mobile app, which is one component of our hormone monitoring system. Beyond providing extensive knowledge on best practices for designing the UX medical devices with a paired mobile app, Guidea investigated what objectives we wanted our users to achieve and created lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes to test with users and guide the requirements for our software developers."

-Sarah Moug, Product Manager

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