How Elektra Health is Transforming Women’s Wellness

Smashing the menopause taboo through support and education

50 Million Women are Experiencing Menopause 

Despite menopause being a nearly universal experience for women, with 50 million women currently experiencing it, the process is still largely stigmatized and misunderstood. Only 20% of OB/GYNs are trained to support patients throughout menopause and in general conversation menopause is still treated as a shameful secret. 

Menopause and the associated symptoms have a major economic impact, as well. The US census estimates that menopause symptoms are responsible for $1.8 million in lost work days. Menopausal women themselves can expect to spend an average of $4k more than their non-menopausal counterparts on healthcare each year. 

Women going through menopause are in a tricky position. What they are experiencing is considered “normal,” but it is also uncomfortable, exhausting, and stigmatized, so finding the right avenue for treatment is a challenge.

Elektra’s Solution

Elektra’s mission is clear: to smash the menopause taboo. 2.2 million women will enter menopause each year. Elektra aims to support these women as individuals and help reduce missed work days and attrition. By offering direct support and education, and reframing the conversation around menopause, they help women to thrive during this transition. They offer 1:1 virtual support, telemedicine, a community of support, and education. This is available to individuals or through a workplace in order to counteract menopause-related attrition. Elektra’s research found that 44% of women reported not receiving sufficient support from their workplace during menopause. 

Elektra has received recognition for their innovation as well as their leadership in being a woman-friendly workplace. They were honored by Slice of Healthcare as a Top Company Driving Innovation in Healthcare in 2023. They were recognized by the New York Digital Health 100 as one of the “most innovative and exciting health start-ups” in the New York area. Showing that they lead by example in trying to make the workplace safe and comfortable for women, they were honored by Crain’s New York for being a women-forward workplace.

How Femovate Helped Elektra Health

Like many early stage startups, Elektra uses a combination of existing technologies to build and launch their MVP. Integrating various systems can be a challenge technically, but also in creating a cohesive, and seamless user experience. Guidea worked with Elektra’s product owner and designer to envision a smoother, shorter onboarding process to help women and people AFAB access Elektra’s community and content sooner. 

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