How Bloume is Transforming Women’s Health

Digital care to help manage genito-pelvic pain

Chronic pelvic pain affects 15% of females worldwide

Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is a significant health issue affecting up to 25% of females of reproductive age and 15% of all females worldwide. This persistent condition, often caused by several underlying health issues, severely impacts women's overall quality of life. Approximately 15% of women with CPP report pain so severe they need time off from paid work, and around 45% experience reduced productivity due to their condition.

Current healthcare models provide inadequate support for women 

Current healthcare models often fall short in providing adequate support for women with chronic pelvic pain. Diagnosing CPP can take years, and even after a diagnosis is made, treatment options are frequently unsatisfactory. 

The complexity of treating persistent pelvic pain arises from the fact that it often involves multiple conditions simultaneously. There’s also a psychological impact such as body image struggles, depression, anxiety, and sexual distress. This means that managing chronic pelvic pain usually requires a team approach, and collaboration between multiple specialties is needed to provide adequate pain relief. Unfortunately, access to this kind of well-organized, specialized care is limited and expensive, making it difficult for many women to receive the comprehensive treatment they need.

Bloume’s Solution

Bloume is creating a digital health solution specifically designed for women with genito-pelvic pain, including conditions such as endometriosis and vulvodynia. The Bloume platform will offer a comprehensive suite of tools developed by world-class experts in pelvic pain to help manage and alleviate symptoms effectively.

Bloume adopts a biopsychosocial approach to treating pelvic pain using a clinically validated method that considers the mental, physical, and social aspects of the individual's health. This multidisciplinary approach may prove to be the most effective for long-term pain management. By offering a holistic and accessible solution, Bloume will empower women to manage their pelvic pain effectively, reducing the time to relief and improving their daily lives.

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